Partner Workout

3 Rounds

15 Deadlifts 350#/200#

6 Rope Climbs

12 Squat Pull Ups

400m Med Ball Run w/ 20 tosses between partners 20#/16#

Coaches Tips:  The deadlifts will be completed by both partners at once, that is four hands on the bar, two great deadlift set ups, and one simultaneous lift and lower, repeat 15 times.  The 6 rope climbs will be completed by both teammates, solo or with assistance from your teammate, but each team member must complete at least one rope climb per round.  The Squat Pull Ups will be completed with partner A on partner B's shoulders.  Partner B will squat and stand while partner A pulls and releases.  The work can be shared how you see fit, but each partner must have their hands on the pull up bar and feet on the floor for at least one rep per round.  For the 400m run, simply run with the ball, throwing and catching for a total of 20 throws and catches between the two teammates.

FIGHT GONE BAD IV TOMORROW! It is not to late to register for our CrossFit East County team or you can donate to one of our already registered athletes.  Even if you do not wish to join the team, please come join in on the fun this Saturday at 6am, 8am or 9am to do the workout, help count, or simply to cheer on your fellow athletes.  Fight Gone Bad is always more fun with more friends!  Thank you for your support, generosity and participation.

Saturday's 11am O-lift Class will be held as scheduled.

Check out Sonya hitting a 73# Clean & Jerk, a new PR.  There is a bit of drop in her elbows in the receiving position, but she was able to stand up with the bar and jump it overhead anyway, awesome work Sonya!