Team Workout: In teams of three players, complete the following amount of work while one team member does 200m KB Farmer Walk 2 @ 53#/2 @ 35#.

100 DB Overhead Squat  2 @ 25#/ 2 @ 15#

100 Weighted Push Ups   45#/25#

100 Pull Ups

200 Weighted Sit Ups  35#/20#

500 Double Unders

Post time.

Goes like this: P1 does the farmer walk. P2 and P3 share in the work to get to 62 DB OH squats. P2 does the farmer walk. P3 and P1 finish the OH squats and get to 17 weighted push ups . P3 does the farmer walk. P1 and P2 finish the weighted push ups and move on to the pull ups. And so on.