Sub Max CrossFit Total

Back Squat 3 X 3

Press 3 X 3

Deadlift 3 X 3

Post loads.


On the minute for 20 minutes.

First minute do 10 Weighted Burpees  2 @ 25/2 @ 12

Second minute do 12 Pull Ups

Repeat, alternating between the two movements on alternating minutes.

Post Rx'd or not.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movement to match your current fitness level.  The strength workout is just like the CF Total, only you are not going for a 1RM on any of the lifts. You are staying some where between 75-85% of you 1RM on each of the lifts. You will also do three reps at that weight for three sets. For the conditioning workout, it goes like this: the first minute do 10 weighted burpees. A weighted burpee is with 2 DB's in  your hands, you drop down into a burpee and jump up holding the DB's in your hands. You do not have to reach over your head with the weights. The second minute you do 12 pull ups. The third minute, it's back to weighted burpees.  The forth minute, it's pull ups… and so on.  The idea is to do unbroken sets of each of the movements so you'll have longer rest intervals. Try not to rest in the working phase of the minute.