This Saturday, January 24th @ 12pm come join us at Parkway Bowl for a fun afternoon of bowling.


Also, Ethikon Fitness is conducting an experiment for the Crossfit Open, utilizing the Odysseus bar as a training tool leading up to the open.  If anyone is interested, please see Paul or Teshina.  Certain workouts will be added to the weekly program for anyone who is interested.


Level 1

10 Min Time Cap

75 Wall Ball 20/14#

400M Run

Rest 3 Min

AMRAP in 10 Min

3 Power Cleans 95/63#

6 Pull Ups

9 Proper Push Ups

Rest 3 Min

Complete the number of rounds achieved in the above AMRAP for time.

Post time, number of rounds, and time.

Extra Credit

3 Min Ring Plank Hold


Level 2

EMOM for 10 Min

5 Deadlifts 225/155#

5 Thrusters 95/63#

Rest 5 Min

EMOM for 10 Min

10 Toes to Bar


Post Rx or number of completed rounds as prescribed.

Extra Credit

5 Rounds

30 Calories on Airdyne

1 Min Rest


Barbell Club

Front Squat 5 x 3 @ 80%1RM

Snatch: Heavy Single

Clean and Jerk: Heavy Single

Clean Deadlift 3 x 5 @ 100% 1RM Clean

Post loads.