“Social Distance Partner Wod”

3 Rounds (Each Person)
p1: 200m Run
P2: Max Reps Burpees
3 Rounds (Each)
p1: 1:00 Plank Hold
P2: Max Reps V-Ups
3 Rounds (Each)
p1: 1:00 Wall Squat
p2: Max Reps split squat jumps

**This is a partner workout but with no sharing equipment and can be 6 feet apart.
**Reps only count when running or Holding plank/ wall squat.
** on holds you must finish the whole minute before moving on. You will accumulate 1:00; if you have to break before your 1:00 is up, your partner must stop working until you go back into the hold to finish the remaining time in the 1:00.
-Post Total Reps, combined, for each Exercise.

Optional Workout

6 Sets (1 Set every 4:00)
15/12 Cal Row
15 Thrusters 75/55# (L2 weight: 95/65#)
**Scale to complete each set in 3:00 or less but make it challenging, Push yourselves!


AMRAP 20:00
400m Run
Max Unbroken Set Deadlifts 225/155#
**Must be Touch and go.  may not rest bar on ground, but may rest in top position.
**once you break a set you will go out for the 400m run to start a new set
** scale weight to be able to hit 7 or more reps each set. The weight is suppose to be heavier but able to maintain good form.