Partner Workout

100 GHD Sit ups
*Partner Does GHD Sit up Hold (Holding at parallel position)
100 Pushups
*Partner Holds Top of push-up plank
200 Air Squats
*Partner Holds bottom of Squat
100 Shoulder to Overhead 96/65#
*Partner Holds Bar overhead
100 Tire Flips (Back and forth. Partner 1 does 1 flip , then partner 2 does 1 flip, etc.)
-Post time for each (1 Time for first part then one separate time for tire flips)
**All Exercises are shared 50/50. Reps only count when partner is in hold (except tire flips). Complete in order.
**Advice: Since each hold is specific to each exercise Keep Sets to small amounts so your partner isn’t holding for long periods and to avoid long rest periods after the holds. The goal is to transition from the holds right into the movements without resting.

Optional Workout

AMRAP 10:00
Push Jerks 95/65#
-Rest 3:00
Amrap 10:00
Cals on Bike
Air Squats
-Post Reps for each AMRAP
**Womens Cals: 6-10-14-18-22…

Optional Workout #2

Deadlift 185/135# (L2: 225/155#)
Burpee Pull-ups
-Rest 5:00-
Deadlift 225/155# (L2: 315/215#)
Burpee Chest to bar Pull-ups (L2: Burpee Ring Muscle ups)
-Post Time minus 5:00