Level 1
Partner Workout
3 Rounds
P1  250m Row
P2 KB Front Rack Hold  [email protected]#/[email protected]#
One person rows, while the other holds the KB’s.  Then players switch and keep switching for a total of 3 rounds each.
3 Rounds
P1 400m Run
P2  Max reps of Clean and Jerks  95#.63#
Same rule as above workout.
Post time and reps.







Level 2
Partner Workout
3 Rounds
P1 30 Double Unders / 15 Power Snatch  75#/53#
P2 Rests
Switch for 3 total rounds each.
P1 25 Thrusters  95#/63#
P2 25 Pull Ups
P2 20 Thrusters
P1 20 Pull Ups
P1 15 Thrusters
P2 15 Pull Ups
P2 10 Thrusters
P1  10 Pull Ups
Post time.






Barbell Club
Bench Press 5 X 5
EMOM for 15 minutes.
1 High Hang Squat Clean
Post loads.






CrossFit Old School
5 Rounds
20 Squats
20 Sit Ups
20 Calories on Airdyne.
Post time.




Notice:  Monday’s class schedule will run as normal.  There will be a full day of group classes.