Level 1

In 3 minute rounds, get as many consecutive double unders, in 3 attempts per round, and max reps in deadlifts. 135#/95#

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

3 Rounds.


1-10 Ladder

Wall Ball  20# @ 10''/16# @ 8'

Box Jump  30"/24"

Post total reps for each round and time.

Level II

In 3 minute rounds, get as many consecutive double unders, in 3 attempts per round, and 1 rep max in the deadlift.  You may increase load each round.  Rest 2 minutes between rounds. Score is deadlift load and double under reps per round.

3 Rounds.




Muscle Up

Snatch  135#/93#

Post DL load plus D/U total per round and time.

Coaching Tips:  Level 1 workout goes like this: My first attempt in D/U's is 43. Then 25. Then 18. I then get 21 reps on my deadlift.  My first round score is 107.  Rest 2 minutes and go again.  The second L1 workout starts with 1 wall ball and 1 box jump. Then 2 wall ball and 2 box jumps. And so on…  The L II workout starts just like L1 but we will be looking for a 1RM on the deadlift.  Whatever you feel you can get within a 3 minute span and 3 attempts at max D/U's.  Your score will be for example, 345# DL and 175 D/U's = 520.  Repeat 2 more times, with heavier deadlifts, if you'd like.

REMINDER: This Saturday, November 20th, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. CFEC will be having our "Fran Opening," celebrating our move to our new facility.  Come join in the fun. Get a workout in and stay for refreshments and food.  Dave Castro from CrossFit HQ will be in attendance to help celebrate CFEC's "Fran Opening."  All are welcome.

After shoulder surgery last year and a lengthy rehab process, Diana has rediscovered the mobility in her shoulders.  Enough so, that she can finally get herself into a nice low bar, back squat position.  She can now squat in this position and see her back squat load increase enough to PR with 235#.  Next month it will be 260#.  Oh, she split jerked 148#, too.