REMINDER: Please, sign up for the 2018 CFEC Open Competition.  We will be picking teams on Tuesday, as the 2018 CrossFit Open begins on Thursday.  Last year’s competition was a lot of fun.  We will be doing the workouts as a gym on Friday.  Sign ups are $10.


Level 1

EMOM for 36 minutes
1st minute: 3 Front Squats  *AHAP
2nd minute: 15 Russian KB Swings  70#/53#
3rd minute: 5 Burpee Pull Ups
4th minute: 1 Gasser
Post load, Rx or cycles completed.


Level 2

On the 1:15
20/15 Calorie Row X 6
EMOM for 10 minutes
1 Snatch  *AHAP
5 Rounds
30 Double Unders
10 Alternating Pistols
5 Burpees
Post Rx or cycles completed, load and time.


CrossFit Old School

5 Rounds
200m Run
12 Power Cleans  95#/65#
12 GHD Sit Ups
12 Push Jerks
12 Pull Ups
Post time.