At Home Workout!
We will post at home workouts on our site and on instagram! If you’re on Instagram make sure you post your scores in the comments section and tag your friends and encourage every one to workout at home!

Warm up

:30 Bottom of Squat Hold
20 Flutter Kicks
20 Jumping Jacks

Level One

20 Burpees
8 Rounds
15 Air Squats
10 Reverse Sit-Ups
20 Mountain Climbers
Cash out
20 Burpees

Cool Down
4 Sets
10 Bulgarian Split Squats (R/L)
20 Weighted Hip Bridges with 2 second Pause at top
1:00 Wall Sit Hold

Level Two

2 Sets
3 Rounds
100’ DB Front Rack Walking Lunge
25 Sit ups
15 Lateral Burpees Over DB
-Rest 3:00 B/T Sets
10:00 to find Heavy 3 Rep Deadlift
5×3 Deadlift @ 80% of heavy 3 Rep

-If you have any questions about the workout, scaling or subs please ask us!! Below I posted the link for the reverse sit up