Level 1

Deadlift 5,5,5,5,5


2 Min at Each Station for Max Reps of

Back Squats 95/63#


Front Squats

Pull Ups

Overhead Squats

Post load and one total rep number.


Level 2

5 Rounds

AMRAP in 3 Min

250M Row (M=<1:50, W=<2:05)

5 CTB Pull Ups

5 Squat Cleans 135/93#

Rest 1 Min

*only row once, then max reps of pull ups and squat cleans in remaining time

*20 burpee penalty for not keeping pace on the rower

Post one total number of reps (no reps for the row).


CF Old School

7 Rounds

7 DB Deadlifts 35/25#

7 DB Hang Power Cleans

7 DB Front Squats

7 DB Push Press

7 DB Thrusters

Post time.


Congratulations to everyone that competed at the Left Coast Invitational this weekend and thank you to everyone that came out to show their love and support, especially in the heat!  Results: Nik = Intermediate Male 1st place, Aaron T. = Intermediate Male 13th place, Joey = Intermediate Male 15th place, Emily = Intermediate Female 2nd place…Allison, Sloane, James W., Alex D.= Intermediate Team 5th place; Carrie J., Milly, Brent, Gary = Intermediate Team 7th place; Kyle, Tyler, Kayli, Teshina = Advanced Team 1st place. Go Beast County!