Reminder: We will only be open until 1:00 p.m. on Monday May 31, Memorial Day. Our noon class will be the last class scheduled for the day.

WO #1

20 Wall Ball   20#/16#

:30 all out on AirDyne

rest 2 minutes.

4 times.

Post fastest interval.

WO #2

6 Power Snatches  95#/63#

4 Overhead Squats

15 Calorie Row

rest 2 minutes.

4 times.

Post fastest interval.

WO #3

5K Run

Post time.

Choose 2 workouts.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  Choose 2 of the 3 workouts, let the training cycle that you are on determine your choice.  The goal for the intervals is to get you to perform the movements in unbroken sets.  The time spent on the AirDyne and rower is short, so don't pace yourself on these machines. Go all out, as you'll have 2 minutes to recover between intervals. The 5k run is there for you if you have done more than 2 conditioning workouts this week, yet still need a fair amount of steady pace work to build your fitness or use as active recovery.  

Just Thinking

By Paul Flores

Just what is the purpose of this blog? I know we use it to post our workouts and the results of our efforts for these workouts. I get that. That's good stuff.  In my search for better ways to perform these workouts or get inspiration for working out, I stumble upon some blogs that I find….well…interesting. I find myself wondering if what we do on our blog is enough. For example, at times,I run across a blog that informs me on every little thing that goes on in that particular gym. I mean almost every little thing. I often tune out from that blog, because if I don't work out there, what do I care.  On the other hand, if I went to that gym, I'd already know what was going on, because here at CFEC,  WE tell everyone everything.  So, that's kind of like watching a re-run on TV. I don't get that.  Then, there are the blogs that I do go to that tell and show me everything that they are doing there. These blogs are good because the people posting on these blogs are phenomenal athletes. Guys like Joey Warren, Blair Morrison, Rob Orlando and Ricky Fausto, to name a few. There is usable content and inspiration at these blogs.  Can't get enough information on these blogs. I don't return to blogs where all there is is constant rants about " how everyone else doesn't know how to Oly lift like we do," or "we know more than you do," or " last week we did this program, now we're going to do that program." Too negative for me.

So, is our blog filled with too little or too much? I know I haven't written a long post in a while, so, it can't be too much. Do you want more? Or is it good the way it is?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts. I'm interested in what you have to say. Thanks in advance.

And, if you have a moment, join us in wishing Justin a safe return home.  We've missed you!