The Open starts next Thursday.  Make sure you sign up for CFEC’s “In House” Open Competition.  The sign-up board is right next to the front desk.  Do it!


Level 1

800m Run X 2
Rest 2 minutes between efforts
600m X 2
Rest 2 minutes between efforts
400m X 4
Rest 1 minute between efforts
Post time minus 11 minutes.
*  Can sub out with the rower 1000m, 750m and 500m’s.


Level 2

“CrossFit Oly Total”
3 attempts for max loads for;

Clean and Jerk
Post loads and total.


CrossFit Old School

5 Rounds
250m Row
18 Med Ball Cleans  20#/14#
20 Push Ball
30 Double Unders
Post time.