Front Squat

 5 X 3  (M-BW + 60# Chain W-75% BW +60# Chain)


AMRAP in 10 minutes.

15 Push Ups (W-10)

:30 Plank Holds


1000m Row  (SPM 24 or less and 500m ETA under 1:50 M, 2:05 W)

Post load, rounds and time.

Coaching Tips: Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level. Work towards maximum acceleration out of the bottom when doing your front squats. The chains will help work at maximizing that acceleration. Keep those elbows up at all times. WO #2 is a workout of will and focus as well as physical abilities. Rest as need during the push ups or after your reps, but if you fail to hold plank for 30 seconds, you cannot count that as completion of that round. 10 or more rounds will be considered a pretty good feat. WO #3 is for working on your efficiency on the rower. Strong pulls with a pause before the recovery phase is what we're after here. Keeping those numbers for the 1000m is the goal, therefore worthy of the Rx at the finish.