50 Straight Setted Double Unders

5 HSPU's

4 times.


50 KB Front Rack Step Ups  2 @ 35#/ 16" / 2 @ 26#/12"

800m Run

50 KB Front Rack Step Ups


150 Sit Ups

Post time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  We've been practicing our double unders for quite some time, now 's the time to put that practice to use for this workout. Stay relaxed, slow your jump down, keep those arms straight and hold them down low.  More of you are getting up towards the triple digits, so 50 should not be a problem. Work on those handstand push ups as well.  The step ups can be done in any combo you wish, but you must start with 2 feet on the ground and finish with 2 feet on top of the box. Finish with a sit up chaser.

That's What Friends Are For

By Paul Flores

Early mornings, usually at around 5:15 a.m., two people have formed a bond in a most peculiar place. Our gym. Neither one of these two women would have guessed that they would have stuck with this crazy workout regime, we call CrossFit, for as long as they have. Ask either one what their favorite workout is and you'll get a blank stare and a laugh.

Over time, they have come to the conclusion that what happens inside our gym is something neither one is willing to give up. So, an agreement was reached and they are now holding each other accountable for not only arriving at the gym, but giving each workout their all. Meet Deborah Creedon and Charlotte Miller. Watching them workout now is not only inspiring, but also, a testimony to how CrossFit can change your life.

See Deborah do a 200# deadlift. See Charlotte get a 205# deadlift. Watch Deborah row 500m in 2:45, Charlotte will try with all her might to beat that time. Both if these women never enjoyed running before they arrived at CFEC. Hell, I'm sure that they still don't like running. Last 1 mile run sandwich we did, they ran both miles together. The whole way. Each one leaning on the other. Each one responding to the others desire to get better. Each one showing up for the workout knowing the other is depending on them.

The next time you get a chance to workout next to one of them, show them some appreciation for the guts they display for their efforts. Thank you Deborah and Charlotte. You are SUPER LADIES!