Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!


No time is better to start than right now.  Having said that, there will definitely be an adaptive period to all those that are starting out in CrossFit.  Our staff will show patience in teaching new members the correct way to perform the fundamental movements of CrossFit.  We will slowly introduce the intensity and volume that make CrossFit such an effective fitness program.
As every class is headed by a qualified coach, it’s just like having a personal training session.  We ensure that each member is given as much attention that is needed to experience each class in a safe, informative and fun environment.
CrossFit is all about functional movements.  We move exactly the way we, as humans, were designed to move.  So, we believe that each workout is the same as a daily “honey do” list that we would have to do if we lived a few centuries ago.  All we are doing is work.  With that in mind, we will reach our predetermined physical potential by doing CrossFit over the period of a few years.  If it is in your genes, there is no program that will change that outcome.
No. Just month to month memberships.
Come in.  Try a FREE class. If you like it, sign up.  It’s that simple.