WOD Wednesday, 04/29/09

By |2009-04-28T18:33:50+00:00April 28th, 2009|Daily Workout|

Run 5K If you cannot run, Row 5K Then: 10 Muscle-Up10 Ground-to-Shoulder (Male: 185#, Female: 105#) It's up to you to decide on the technique to [...]

WOD Tuesday, 04/28/09

By |2009-04-28T05:26:27+00:00April 28th, 2009|Daily Workout|

Working as a 3 person team, the task must be completed while one person doing the work wears a weighted vest.  No reps will count [...]

WOD Monday, 04/27/09

By |2009-04-27T10:10:37+00:00April 27th, 2009|Daily Workout|

Partner Workout.... Each teammate will do 10 rounds each.  One does double-unders, the other is on the bar: 10 Rounds of: 1 Power Clean (135/85) [...]

April 26, 2009

By |2009-04-26T10:18:32+00:00April 26th, 2009|Daily Workout|

WOD Sunday 04/26/2009 Tababta: 8 rounds of 20 sec. work, 10 sec. rest: Double-Unders Sit-Ups Then... 1 Mile Run: 30 Lunges Run 1 minute repeat [...]

WOD Friday, 04/24/09

By |2009-04-23T16:00:49+00:00April 23rd, 2009|Daily Workout|

AMRAP IN 20 MINS. OF: 3 Thrusters (135/85) 6 Deadlifts (250/185) 9 Burpees Post total rounds to comments REMINDERS: "FREE" CLASS THIS SATURDAY @ 11AM. [...]

WOD THURSDAY, 04/23/09

By |2009-04-22T20:54:29+00:00April 22nd, 2009|Daily Workout|

AMRAP IN 20 MINUTES OF: 30 KB Swings 20 Ring Dips 10 Pull-ups Post time to comments  Reminder: CFEC will be having a "FREE" Class [...]

WOD Wednesday, 04/22/09

By |2009-04-21T19:55:39+00:00April 21st, 2009|Daily Workout|

Back Squat 5,5,3,3,1,1  Get to 90% Max Load Rest 5 Minutes 5 Rounds 5 Power Snatches (115#-80#) 100M Med Ball Sprint (20#-16#) Post Load of [...]

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