Personal Training: (By appointment only)

:: Individual Sessions – $60 per hour (Sessions with Paul Flores ask for details)
:: Shared Sessions – $15.00 each additional person, maximum of 5 people per session.

Monthly Unlimited Classes:

:: Individual                    $150.00

:: Military/LEO/Fire        $125.00

Additional Family Members: (Must reside in the same household)

:: 1st additional family member $75.00

:: 2nd additional family member $60.00

:: 3rd additional family member $30.00

Drop-in Fee:

:: $20.00 per class

CrossFit Class Schedule: (Level 1 Classes unless otherwise noted)

Mon: 5:15am/8:00am/9:00am/10:15am/12:00pm/5:00pm/6:00pm

Tue: 5:15am/8:00am/9:00am/10:15am/5:00pm/6:00pm

Wed: 5:15am/8:00am/9:00am/10:15am/12:00pm/5:00pm

Thu:  5:15am/8:00am/9:00am/10:15am/5:00 pm/6:00pm

Fri:    5:15am/8:00am/9:00am/10:15am/12:00pm/5:00pm

Sat:   6:00am – *Level 2 only* /8:00am/9:00am/11:00am Olympic Lifting

Sun:  8:30am-10:00am – Open Gym/10:00am – FREE

*Level 2 Class – Must be able to perform workouts with prescribed exercises at prescribed loads and invited by Paul Flores*

 Beginner Class
Tuesday/Thursday 5:00pm Saturday 8:30am
$100.00 per month or $20.00 Drop-in.  The Beginner Class meets the above days and times only.  This class will teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit and prepare you for our Level 1 Classes which are offered 35 times throughout the week.