2 Mile Run

3 rounds

250m Row

15 Thrusters (95#/65#)

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Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movement to match your current fitness level. The run is 2 loops of the mile run.  Try to keep the same time on the rower for each of the 3 intervals. Try to do the thrusters in unbroken sets.  In doing so, get as much rest after the row interval before starting the thrusters. If you cannot do the 2 mile run, just complete 1 mile.

CrossFit Crossroads

By Paul Flores

As I have discussed with many of you in private conversation, I believe the CrossFit community is at a crossroads of sorts.  With the evolution of CrossFit, there has been a great deal of discussion in both print and video of what seems to be a growing concern that CrossFit is losing it's pursuit of being the elite fitness program that it started out to be.  With the growth of CrossFit gyms popping up almost as fast as they are holding certifications, the CrossFit program is under the microscope by the fitness industry for not holding higher standards for the gym owners that have no experience training clients let alone putting together an intelligent program.  It's true that CrossFit wants their product exposed to as many of the masses as possible.  We all benefit from that.  As CrossFit affiliates we have a great template to pull from, thanks to Greg and Lauren Glassman.  You can go to the HQ main page and follow their posts.  But what about what you do once people start showing up at your gym?  How do you get them to achieve their fitness goals if you don't have the skill set to put together an intelligent, well thought out program. As Kelly Starrett has said " you can put together any a**hole can do it chipper."  Where's the talent in that?  We believe that's not what makes for a fit and strong community.  Not a true CrossFit community.

So, in case you haven't noticed, we at CFEC are embarking on our own programming.  We, as coaches are making all who come into our gym a promise. We are going to strive for excellence in our jobs as coaches. We are going to teach each and everyone of our clients how things are to be done correctly and with excellence. Did you catch that?  We promise to TEACH you something each and every session, class, workout. If what has been happening the past few months is any indication, more and more of you will be getting PR's every month. There are over 60 members who have PR'd this month.  That has never happened before in my 10+ years as a coach.  We are going to take on more variety in each session and watch our fitness reach new heights.  Striving for excellence will take effort, but we will not back away from any challenge. 3..2..1..GO!