The Open starts on Thursday.  If you haven’t signed up, please, do so before the first workout is released.  If your name is on the sign-up board, you will now need to signify what division you’ll be competing in.  Divisions are: Men’s, Women’s, Men’s Scaled, Women’s Scaled, Masters Men’s, Masters Women’s, Masters Men’s Scaled and Masters Women’s Scaled.


Cheese One Workout


21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3
X2 Double Unders
Front Rack Lunge Steps  75#/55#
Push Press
Lateral Bar Jumps 1=1
Post time.


16 Rounds
Odd Rounds:
200m Run
10 Bench Press  115#/75#
10 Pull Ups
Even Rounds:
200m Run
12 GHD Sit Ups
10 DB Seated Shoulder Press 35#/20#
Post time.