Level 1

In Teams of 3 complete 100 reps of the following exercises.  Must complete each exercise before moving on to the next.  One person works, one person holds, one person rests.  40 min time cap.

Sit Ups / Plank Hold

Wall Ball 20/14# / Handstand Hold

SDLHP 75/53# / Wall Sit

Box Jump 20″ / KB Front Rack Hold 2@35#/2@26#

Split Squat Jumps / Pull Up Hang

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Level 2

Partner Workout

Both partners perform the carry together.  One person performs the exercise while the other performs the hold.  40 min time cap.

100M Barbell Carry 2@135/2@93#

50 Overhead Squats 135/93# / GHD Hip Extension Hold

100M Barbell Carry

12 Low Sled Pushes 90/50# / Top of Ring Dip Hold

100M Barbell Carry

50 Alternating Front Rack Lunges 135/93# / Bottom of Ring Dip Hold

100M Barbell Carry

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