Notice:  We are planning to have a small Christmas Party after we have our annual 12 Days of Christmas workout, Saturday 12/24 at 8:30 am.  Please, come join us for a great workout and celebrate Christmas with your sweat buddies afterward.  If you are planning on bringing a dish to share with the rest of us, please, note that this is going to be a small gathering.
Also, the class schedule for Monday 12/26 will be modified.  The first class for the day will be at 9:00 am.  There will not be a 5:15 am class on Monday.  Please, make a note of it.


Level 1

EMOM for 15 minutes
1st minute:  5 Back Squats  *AHAP
2nd minute:  15 Russian KB Swings   70#/53#
3rd minute:  8 DB Floor Press  *AHAP
3 Rounds
500m Row
15 Box Jump Overs  20″
15 Power Snatches  75#/55#
Post loads and time.


Level 2

Take 12 minutes to find Heavy Single for:
Clean and Jerk
Sots Press  2,2,2,2,2  *AHAP
2500m Row
Post loads and time.


CrossFit Old School

5 Rounds
350m Row
20 Sit Ups
20 Med Ball Cleans  20#/14#
10 Burpees Over Med Ball
Post time.