Reminder:  Our Holiday schedule is as follows:  Thursday, 12/24, we will have Open Gym and a 9:00 class only.  The traditional “12 Days of Christmas” workout will be followed by some Holiday donuts and coffee, in place of our annual Christmas party.  We are closed Christmas Day and will be back on schedule with Saturday’s classes at 8 and 9.


Level 1

“No Time Tuesday”
6 Sets
3 Bench Press *AHAP
6/3 Strict Pull Ups
10 Ring/Bar Knee Tucks
6 DB Bulgarian Split Squats  (ea.leg) *AHAP
2 50m Sprints
Post loads.


Level 2

Take 12 minutes to find 1RM
Squat Clean
2 Sets
10 Rounds
:30 All Out / :30 Rest
Assault Bike for Calories
– Rest 3 minutes b/t sets –
Take 7 minutes to find !RM
Weighted Pull Up  *kip allowed
Post load, calories and load.


CrossFit Old School

50 DB Step Ups  2 x 35#/25#    20″/16″
50 DB Shoulder to Overhead
50 Calorie Row
50 DB Shoulder to Overhead
50 DB Step Ups
1 Mile Run
Post time.