Level 1


Take 12 minutes to find 2RM for:
Front Squat
AMRAP in 20 minutes
200m Run
5 Wall Walks
10 Pull Ups
15 Hand Release Bent Over Rows  115#/75#
20 Alternating Front Rack Lunges
Post load and rounds plus reps completed.


Level 2


EMOM for 25 minutes
1st minute: 5 Back Squats  *AHAP
2nd minute: 2/1 Strict Muscle Up
3rd minute: 8 DB Single Arm Push Press  *AHAP  (4 each arm)
4th minute: 8 Strict Toes to Bar
5th minute: 20′ Handstand Walk
30 Turkish Get Ups   53#/35#
Post loads, Rx or sets completed and time.


CrossFit Old School


“Deck of Card”
Get through a full deck of cards using the following face values as a key.

Diamonds = KB Swings
Hearts = Sit Ups
Clubs = Wall Ball  20#/14#
Spades = Burpees
Joker = 400m Run
Post time.