30,20,10 Reps of:

Toes to Bar

Hang Snatch  75#/45#

Ball Slams  16# /12#

Ring Push Ups

Post time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  This workout is a combination of a group of compound exercises which are going to require a great deal of co-ordination to complete.  Keep your focus while doing them so you do not start to compromise your form and run the risk of injury. All of these movements have a scalable alternative, so ask your coach for those options.

Reminder: Schedule of classes will not change this week, other than Thanksgiving Day. We will be closed Thursday. We will be taking part in the Run For The Hungry on Thursday morning, which will start at Petco park. It will start early enough to allow for plenty time to make to family gatherings later in the day. We will be posting meeting places and time in the next few days.

If you missed Teshina and Lisa this past weekend it was because they were lucky enough to attend one of the last Barbell Certs with Coach Rip in Huntington Beach.