Deadlift  1,1,1,1,1


3 Rounds

10 KB Snatch  w/Right Arm  35#/26#

10 KB Overhead Squat  w/Right Arm

10 KB Snatch  w/Left Arm

10 KB Overhead Squat  w/Left Arm

400m Run

Post load and time.

Today and Saturday is "Share The Pain" weekend. All CFEC members can bring a friend (up to 3) with them to any class they are attending for FREE.  It's the perfect way to introduce those that you know and love to CrossFit.

CFEC wishes to thank the "Twitter Gang" who stopped by for a workout at the 5:00 p.m. class yesterday.  This band of CrossFit enthusiasts, from different areas of the country, met on Twitter and decided to go on tour to different parts of Southern California to have a vacation and go to various CrossFit gyms to workout.  They met up with our Phil and made arrangements to join in on some CFEC fun.  It was a blast having you guys here to workout and even more fun sitting around talking to you about CrossFit.  You all are invited back any time you'd like.