Partner Workout

10 Rounds
:45 Plank Hold (Hands)/ Max Pushups
-Rest :15 after each hold
-Rest 2:00 after 10 rounds
10 Rounds
:45 Active Bottom of squat hold/ Max Reps Box step ups w/DB 35/25# 24/20”
-Rest :15 after each hold
-Rest 2:00 after 10 rounds
10 Rounds
:45 Hang from bar/ Max Reps Wall balls 20/14#
-Rest :15 After each hold
** Wod Flow: Partner A Holds plank on hands for :45 while partner B does Max Reps Pushups in :45. After :45 there is a :15 Rest/Transition time then partners will switch, partner B then holds plank, partner A now does pushups. Alternate hold/ Pushups until each partner has done 5 Rounds (10 rounds total). Rest 2:00 after 10 rounds and then  Same concept  for the Squat hold/Step ups and Hang/wall balls.
Total Time: 34:00
**Note: If partner stops on a hold before :45  Reps will not count Until partner is in hold again but time is still counting even if not in hold.
-Post total Reps for pushups/Step ups and Wall balls

Optional Workout


“True Grit”
2000m Row
@1:00 Start “Death by Thrusters” 95/65#
**3..2..1..GO You row until 1:00, get off and Do 1 Thruster then back on rower. At 2:00 get off and do 2 Thrusters then back on rower. At 3:00 get off and do 3 Thrusters…continue this until 2000m is complete or until the number of thrusters exceeds 1:00.
-Post time


5 Rounds
400m Run
20 GHD Sit-ups
10 Deadlifts 205/145#
-Post Time