Level 1

10 Power Cleans  135#/88#

300m Row

2 Rope Climbs

Three Times


Max Reps in 60 Seconds of:

Push Press  85#/53#

Front Squat

Bent Over Row

Three Times. Rest 60 seconds after each 60 second effort.

Post times.

Level II

Hang Snatch  4 X 2 @80%

Clean – Heavy Single

Back Squat  4 X 3 @ 75%

Post loads.

Coaching Tips: Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level. Give each of these short workouts your all. Let the relative short duration allow for maximum effort. There will be a 5 minute rest in between each workout. If you feel confident in your fitness and strength let the load for the power clean be 60% of your 1RM. When doing the bent over row, make sure you set your back to full extension before you pull the bar to your abdominals. Keep your legs tight and engaged throughout the movement.