AMRAP in 10 minutes

3 Hang Squat Cleans 95#/63#

5 Push Jerks

7 Burpee Lateral Bar Jumps


1 Mile Run with 30 Lunge Steps on the Minute.

Post completed rounds and times.

Coaching Tips: Scale load and movement to match your current fitness level.  For the AMRAP, you will take the weight from the ground, then from the standing position, perform the 3 hang squat cleans, passing through the full squat for each of the 3 reps. Be sure to stand to full extension after each of the 5 Push Jerks before bringing the bar back to the shoulders.  CFEC standards apply to the burpees for the lateral bar jumps: Chest to deck, no knees on the ground in the push-up portion and jump laterally over your bar, that will equal 1 rep.  When the 10 minutes is up, as a group you will begin the 1 mile/lunge portion.  This is completed as follows:  You will run/sprint for 1 minute, then lunge for 30 steps, run/sprint for 1 more minute, then lunge for 30 steps, etc… until you have completed the 1 mile loop back to the gym.