Reminder:The gym will be closed his weekend. The Staff and a few CFEC athletes will be competing in the San Diego and Arizona 2010 CrossFit Games Sectional Qualifiers this Saturday and Sunday at CrossFit SoCal in Kearny Mesa. Show your support for your fellow CrossFitters by coming out and cheering them on.

In Honor of Laurie Michelson's Birthday, This Workout Is For You. Happy Birthday, Laurie.

1 Mile Run.

40/40 Pull Ups

40/40 Push Ups

40/40 Squats

3 times.

1 Mile Run.


100 KB Swings  53#/35#

Post times.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level. 40/40 means 40 seconds of work followed by 40 seconds of static holds. Pull ups are chin over the bar, push ups are in the plank position and squats are upper leg at parallel to the floor. Not above or below, but at parallel. You can pace yourself during the movement portion of 40/40, but once the holds begin you cannot stop until 40 seconds is over. It's often better to  go right into the holds after 40 seconds of work is over, but make sure you have enough in the tank to go the whole 40 seconds in the holds.

Laurie's working up a sweat in CFEC's favorite, non-gym issue t-shirt, "The Dude."

Thanks go out to Tony Acosta for bringing his U.S.Border Patrol Team in for a little taste of CFEC and it's AirDyne love.