Reminder: The gym will be closed this weekend. The staff and a few CFEC athletes will be competing in the San Diego and Arizona 2010 CrossFit Games Sectional Qualifiers. All classes are canceled. Come out to CrossFit SoCal and cheer them on.

Split Jerk  5 X 3  ( Sets should be @ 65% -75% 1RM)


Max Reps of KB Jerks in 5 Minutes. 2 @ 35#/ 2 @ 26@



AirDyne Calories



100 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Post load, reps and times.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  Work on speed and landing technique when doing the split jerks. Quick transition in the down up and the drop into the split jerk position. Focus on breathing technique as well.  The KB jerks are done with 2 KB's and can only be rested in the front rack position or the workout cannot be considered as Rx'd.  All workouts are not long in duration, therefore effort levels should remain very high to receive the desired results from the exercise combinations.

Duke keeping a watchful eye on Tony's effort on the AirDyne.

Liza shows us the proper breathing technique for the deadlifts. Whether for max loads or high reps, the deadlift breathing method remains the same. Deep inhale, hold, lift, exhale.