Choose One Workout

Olympic Lift: Clean and Jerk

10 Minutes Technique Work on Clean and Jerk
10 Minutes to find Daily 1RM Clean and Jerk

Accessory Work:
Pause Front Squats 5 x 3 (Pause 3 seconds at Bottom) *AHAP
3 x 15 Weighted GHD Hip Extensions
Post loads.


Metabolic Conditioning

2 Rounds
4 Minutes Max Calorie Row
4 Minutes Max Reps Sit Ups
3 Minutes Max Calorie Row
3 Minutes Max Reps Double Unders
2 Minutes Max Calorie Row
2 Minutes Max Reps Thrusters 75/55#
Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds
Post one total number of Calories, Sit Ups, Double Unders, and Thrusters.