Level 1

50 Pull ups

1 Mile Run

30 Clean and Jerks  115#/78#

Level II

10 Rope Climbs

2 Mile Run

30 Clean and Jerks 135#/93#

Post time.

Coaching Tips:  The distinction between L1 and LII is, LII athletes are a little more experienced in CrossFit, therefore, they can handle a little more diversity and volume in their workloads.  LII athletes can handle these workloads without much negative affects in the days immediately following these workouts.  Now, the difference between LII athletes and those looking to compete in CrossFit competitions are usually distinguished by loads rather than modalities.  Both offer advancement in CrossFit methodologies, but only one centers around competing.  Everyone is welcome into the level II workouts, as long as they can perform 85% of L1 workouts as prescribed.  All are welcome to compete, just realize that the talent of CrossFit athletes who compete is deep and the competition is fierce.  The goal of CFEC and its staff is to advance everyone's athletic abilities and talents to their fullest potential through programming and coaching.

The LII run will be 2 laps of the mile run.

Last chance to donate to the City of Refuge toy drive.  Please bring in your donations today!

This sequence shows Coach Teshina doing the back rack split jerks that were a part of Tuesday's workout.  The speed in which she performs them is only part of her efficiency in movement.  She delivers the bar exactly where it needs to be rep after rep, because of consistent practice.  It's always good to know that your coaches practice what they preach.