Team Workout

In teams of two, complete the following:

3 Rounds of:

250m Row

KB Rack Holds  2 @ 35#/2 @ 26#


100 Weighted Push Ups  25#/15#

100 Weighted Squats  45#/25#

400 Double Unders

100 Weighted Pull Ups 20#/10#

100 KB Swings   53#/35#


3 Rounds

250m Row

15 Burpees

Post time.

Coaching Tips:  You'll have 2 couplets to complete together, one at the start, and one at the end. On these, one athlete rows and the other does the work.  You then switch and repeat as prescribed. The rest of the work in the middle of the workout will be divided between the two athletes as needed.  One works and the other rests.  The plate is placed evenly on the back for the push ups.  The plate is held at the chest for the squats.  You'll wear a weighted vest for the pull ups.