Important Notice:
Again, we, at CFEC, are leaving the decision to come into the gym and workout up to each person, individually.  If you decide that you don’t think that is a good idea, we respect that choice and we will help you continue your fitness goals in any way possible.  Just reach out, and we’ll figure something out to meet your needs.  We are in this trying time, together.  In the meantime, we will continue with our class schedule as usual, unless otherwise mandated.  Thank you.


Level 1

“No Time Tuesday”
5 Sets
8 Back Squats  *AHAP
15 GHD Hip Extensions
8 Seated DB Shoulder Press  *AHAP
20 Weighted Sit Ups  20#/12#
10 Barbell Bicep Curls  *AHAP
Post loads.


Level 2

Every 6 minutes for 24 minutes
400m Run
500m Row
30 – 20 – 10
Russian KB Swings  70#/53#
Alternating Pistols
Post Rx or cycles completed and time.


CrossFit Old School

10 Rounds
10 Alternating DB Snatches  35#/25#
10 Pull Ups
200m Run
10 Burpees
Post time.