AirDyne Intervals

6 Minutes (:15 Hard/:15 Easy)


15 KB Goblet Squat Jumps  53#/35#

15 Burpees

60 second rest.

3 times.


5 Power Snatch

5 Overhead Squat

5 Back Rack Split Jerk

Choose load.

3 times.

Post Rx or not, time and load/time.

Coaching Tips:  The AirDyne intervals should be an all out effort for 15 seconds followed by 15 seconds of recovery.  This cycle is repeated for a total of 12 intervals.  Remember, the AirDyne will only benefit you if your effort is sincere.  You get out, what you put in.  Achieve full depth in the goblet squat at the bottom and your jump should be at least 6" off the ground.  CFEC standards apply for the burpees.  No knees touching the ground.  The third workout has you choosing your own weight for the triplet.  If the load is light enough, you can do this whole workout unbroken.  If any of the three moves are a weakness for you, load the bar for which ever that move will allow for a challenge.  In other words, if the overhead squat is the weakest for you of the three moves, load the bar for the overhead squat to be challenging for you.  Place the bar in the back rack position after you've finished the 5th overhead squat rep, so you can go right into the split jerks.

What used to be only a few RX Jump Ropes hanging up at CFEC, has now turned into racks full of the superior jump ropes.  The double under PR's are evident that the RX Jump Rope is by far the rope of choice for most athletes here.   The 200 mark for double unders is within reach for quite a few athletes.  Who will be the first to reach that milestone?