AMRAP In 12 minutes of:

2000m Row



15 Power Snatch  95#/63# (Comp. 115#/78#)

30 seconds max effort on AirDyne

2 minute rest.

3 times.


3 Minute Ring Plank Holds

Post burpee reps, time minus 4 minutes and Rx or not.

Coaching Tips: Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  WO #1 is row 2000m and for the remaining time do as many burpees as possible.  WO #2 is an explosive, compound movement with an all out effort on an ergometer as a topper. Rest in between the intervals as this will allow for another attempt at max effort. WO#3 is a mental/physical challenge while in a fatigued state. The mind will try to falter long before the body will. Stay mentally tough and the seconds will fly by.

Traci Dean finishing the third pull in the power clean. Traci is in her 2nd trimester with her 2nd child on the way. The shirt she's wearing says it all. "Fit Baby Momma "

Traci catching the bar in the ideal front rack position. High elbows, relaxed grip and the bar right up against the throat. Often the catch makes those unfamiliar with this movement uncomfortable with the bar that high on the shoulders and close to the throat. With enough practice, confidence overcomes the fear and the movement gets closer to perfect execution.