Happy Birthday to Everyone’s Favorite Captain!


4 Rounds

6 Deadlift 275#/195#

6 Box Jumps 30″/24″

6 Wtd. Pull-Ups 35#/25#

46 Unbroken Double Unders

Post total time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movement to match your current fitness level.  The deadlifts are heavy, please warm-up properly before the workout begins.  The box jumps are high, jump high and pull your knees to your chest, land with both feet firmly on the box, completely extend your body above the box before stepping or jumping down.  Use the appropriate dumbbell for the weighted pull-ups, squeeze it between your legs and use a greatly exaggerated kip to get your chin over the bar.  The 46 double unders need to be unbroken each round to get the extra letters after your time.  However, if you do not get them after 5 attempts, just accumulate 46 and move on. Except YOU Ed!

103 Double Unders, not even a PR, just the promo for Newman’s awesome RX Jump Ropes.  Happy Birthday Ed!