AMRAP in 12 minutes.

1000m Row

GTO  95#/63#  ( Comp. 155#/113#)

5 Burpees on the minute.


25 Double Unders  ( Comp. 50 D/U's )

Rest :30 seconds.

5 times.


5 False Grip Ring Pull Ups w/Hand Turn Out  ( Comp. Unbroken )

5 times.

Post GTO reps, time and Rx or not.

Coaching Tips:  GTO means ground to overhead.  Clean and jerk, snatch or any hybrid variation you might have of getting the bar from the ground to overhead. The 12 minutes start with 1000m row and the remaining time is made up of the GTO and burpees.   At the top of the minute, you owe 5 burpees.  Keep track of your GTO reps.  We're trying to bring your D/U game up in the second workout.  Once you get to 25 or 50 reps, then you can get your required rest.  The third workout is designed to get those of you that are interested in working on your muscle up, learn the false grip, it's the first step. Chin has get above the bottom of the rings and hands must turn out at the bottom, in order to be Rx'd.

Another oustanding month of PR's.  You know, it's not so much that most of the PR's are being posted by those that are quite new to CrossFit, that's to be expected.  The learning curve leans toward those still adapting to CrossFit.  It's most notable that there is a large population of CFEC athletes that have been working at CrossFit for 3 or more years and are still posting PR's month in month out.  It's also important to note that we don't do benchmark workouts all that often, either.  So, hats off to the names and accomplishments, large and small, on last month's PR board.