With a continuously running clock row one calorie on the C2 rower the first minute, two calories the second minute, three calories the third minute…..continuing as long as you are able.

Repeat with Burpees.

Post number of minutes completed for each exercise to comments.


by Paul Flores

How many days are you committing to doing CrossFit workouts? Do you come twice per week, three times, five on two off?  What ever your current commitment level is, are you getting the results you are looking for?  Are your benchmark workout times decreasing?  If you find that the improvement you experienced in the first weeks of doing CrossFit are not continuing as you expected, take a look at what the workouts are when you get to CFEC.  Do you pick and choose when you want to come workout?  Do you find yourself only coming in when there is a met-con workout?   If this is you, you are missing out on "the magic of the mixture."  The programming is what leads all of us to the elite fitness level we are trying to achieve.  Making sure we get introduced to the max efforts in all of the basic barbell lifts, practicing the Olympic lifts when these are the WOD. It is these physiological stresses, when placed on our bodies during these max load workouts, which will allow you to not put the bar down in the 2nd round of 15 thrusters during "Fran."  The physiological change these workouts induce, as well as the tremendous transferable value they deliver while doing those met-con workouts, make these max load WODs too  not to do. If you're concerned that lifting those heavy weights may make your muscles too big, look around at all the other CrossFitters at CFEC and you'll see no one has that body type.  Look around at those who are consistently improving, and you'll find that they are the ones following the programming put together at CFEC. There is a definite method being presented in the programming here at CFEC.  Let our program work its magic for you. Don't inhibit the progress it promises to deliver by not taking part in all aspects of the diverse programming.