"Cindy Gone Bad"

With a continuously running clock, perform maximum reps in 3 one minute rounds of the following exercises: Pull-ups, Push-ups and Squats. Rest one minute between rounds. Do a total of 5 rounds.

Post rep count for each exercise and Total rep count to comments.

Attention:  We are adding a couple new classes effective July 1st.  We will be adding an 11am Olympic Lifting Skills Class on Wednesdays.  The Saturday O-Lift class will be for going heavy and trying to get new PRs.  Julia will be offering an additional Flexibility and Balance Training on Mondays at 11am for the month of July.  Look for the flyer on the Message Board in the gym for a special discount for prepaying for this class.

Coaching and the Results of Coaching

By Paul Flores

If you've spent any time observing a CrossFit workout you were not participating in, you would have noticed the barking of orders to various athletes by our coaches. It is really no different than watching any athletic event or practice in any given sport. Coaches are hired to help improve the performance of their athletes in their arena. At CFEC, our coaches pride themselves in providing stellar coaching that help all of our athletes enhance their workouts and performance. We are very eager to share all of our experience and knowledge to help make each and every one of you better in the fastest time possible. So, when your coach barks out words of encouragement and/or corrections in your execution of an exercise, realize that we are trying to get you to your goal as quickly as possible. Your success is our success.

If you think that your coaches don't practice what they preach, then I invite you to watch any one of them do a workout. You will see some of the closest to perfect execution of exercises…period. Each one of us pride ourselves at making sure we can do what we expect our athletes to do.  We also want every visitor to our facility to see that virtuosity is practiced here at CFEC.  So, take the ear full of encouragement and corrections for what they are, a healthy push up the mountain of virtuosity. It will help you perform better.


5pm class under Teshina's watchful (and smiling) eye.