5 Rounds:

10 BW Back Squats

250M Row

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Good posture on the left and bad posture on the right.

“The most powerful forces that can be generated by the human body are initiated, controlled, and dominated by the hip. Unfortunately, in the majority of trainees, some degree of hip dysfunction creates postures and mechanics that reduce power and stability and are generally unsound. The faulty mechanics arise from inadequate training and insufficient practice of critical hip movements. We’ve named this widespread fault “muted hip function” or “MHF.”

MHF is evident to some degree in all but the most accomplished athletes or those who’ve trained to avoid it. We tell our best athletes that it will typically take three to five years to fully develop the hip’s explosive capacity where there are no signs of MHF postures or tendencies.

MHF is, ultimately, the postures resulting from the legs compensating for the hip’s failure – specifically, and foremost, using leg extension to compensate for weak or non-existent hip extension."