Level I

Row 500m for time, try to set a new PR


Overhead Squat 2X5 @ 70-75% 1RM, 3X3 @ 80-85% 1RM


3 Rounds for time 

500m Row

Thrusters 95#/63#

Post time, load and thruster total.

Level II

Snatch- Heavy Single

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level. Thruster number will be determined by YOU.  Come in to class tomorrow for a full explanation of the workout.  James promises it will be FUN!

CFEC welcomes new Beginner's Class graduates Jackie and Heather in to the Level 1 group classes. These ladies did so well in mastering the fundamentals of CrossFit  they will be superstars in no time. Good job ladies.

Steele getting full range of motion in the back squat workout. Good to see you back, brother.