Head out tomorrow and watch a few of our female athletes compete at the 2016 Battle at The Barracks. Good luck, Julia, Claudia, Lindsey, Milly, Briley and Teshina.  Here’s more info: https://www.facebook.com/BattleAtTheBarracksII/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


Partner Workout
“Mexican Stand Off”
100 Burpees
One person performs the Burpees, while the other person holds the barbell overhead.  (L1 – 115#/75#   L2 – 135#/95#)
Burpees can only be performed while bar is overhead.
3 Rounds
250m Row
KB Front Rack Hold    (L1  – 2 @ 35#/26#   L2 – 2 @ 53#/35#)
P1 rows 250m
P2 Hold KB’s at Front Rack position.
Each person rows 3 times and holds KB’s 3 times.  Rowing can only be performed while KB’s are held in FR position.
Post time.