Level 1
Partner Workout
3 Rounds
200M Run
Max Reps Back Squats 95/65#
*Partner A runs while Partner B does max reps.  Then Partner B runs and Partner A does max reps.  That is one round.
3 Rounds
250M Row
Max Reps Burpee Pull Ups
3 Rounds
10 Calories Airdyne
Max Reps Split Squat Jumps (R+L=1)
Post time and number of reps for each.

Level 2
Partner Workout
Must complete in order with one person working at a time:
100 Calories Airdyne
100 Alternating Pistols
75 GHD Sit Ups
30 Burpee Muscle Ups
100 Hang Power Cleans 135/95#
100 Ball Slams 30/20#
75 Handstand Push Ups
Post time.