Happy Birthday Sonya and Briley!

Back Squat 5 X 3 @ 85-95% 1RM

Back Squat Max Reps at 60% of weight used for above.



Power Cleans 135#/93#

Knees to Elbows (K2E)

Handstand Push-Ups (HSPU)

Post 5 x 3 load, load for max reps, total reps, and total time.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movement to match your current fitness level.  Warm up properly for your 5 sets of 3 reps Back Squat.  All 5 sets will be done using the same weight.  When you are finished, multiply that weight by .60, that will give you 60% of the weight used.  Strip your bar to that weight and perform as many continuous reps as you can without racking the bar.  Power Cleans start on the ground, you do not have to catch in the full squat, but you must stand all the way up before dropping the bar.  For K2E's, your knees must actually touch your arms somewhere between elbows and wrists for the reps to be considered good.  Scale the HSPU's accordingly to be sure to get full range of motion for each rep.  Full range of motion for the HSPU is from the handstand with arms fully locked out, to head touching the ground, back to complete handstand with arms fully locked out.  It is better to use the bands, do them off of the boxes or the racks, getting full range of motion, then to do them on the wall with less range of motion.