Working in teams of three, AMRAP in 5 minutes of the following:

30m Prowler Sprints  90#/50#

Deadlifts  135#/95#

Wall Ball  20#/16#

Double Unders

Post individual exercise reps and total.

Coaching Tips:  Scale load and movements to match your current fitness level.  You will spend 5 minutes at each station trying to amass maximum repetitions. One person works at a time and you will stay 5 minutes at each station before rotating to the next exercise.  This is a high volume workload workout, so utilize a smart strategy to economize the workload between all team members.

Important Notice:  With summer in full swing, we are absolutely aware of the struggles you parents face in finding child care while finding time to get your workouts in.  As you know, I love having kids around. It's wonderful having all those wide eyes watch their parents working out and instilling in them the importance of health and fitness. Nothing as cool as that. As our CFEC family has grown, we are noticing that there is more traffic of our youngest future CrossFitters. I am reminding all parents that bring their children into the gym that they are responsible for keeping an eye on their children.  We cannot have kids climbing on equipment while there is a class in session.  This includes the AirDynes, pull up bars, rings and all other pieces of equipment.  Please, have a talk with your children prior to bringing them to the gym as to what is and what is not allowed while they wait for you to finish your workout. Thank you for helping in keeping a safe environment for all members to workout in.