Partner Workout

In teams of 2:

100 DB Hang Clean and Jerks 50/35#
* Partner Hangs from pull-up bar
100 GHD Sit ups
*Partner holds plank (on hands)
200’ Single Arm DB Overhead Lunge 50/35#
*Both Partners complete 200’
*Can be done together or separate
-Post time

Optional Workouts
4 Sets
400m Run (fast pace)
-Rest 2:00
200m Sprint
-Rest To full recovery b/t sets (3-5 minutes)
-Post 200m splits


4 Rounds
1:00 Max Cals on Ski erg
1:00 Max Toes to bar
1:00 Deadlifts 185/125#
* :30 Rest between exercises
-After the 4th Round rest 3:00, then…
4 Rounds
1:00 Max cal Row
1:00 Max Air Squats
1:00 Max Shoulder to Overhead 135/95#
-Post total Reps for only the Deadlifts and total Reps for STOH

“CrossFit games workout “awful Annie”
Drag Rope Double Unders
GHD sit-ups
Clean 275/185#
***Note: This is a Wod from this years CrossFit games so scale accordingly.
Lots of volume on sit-ups so scale to your fitness ability. (Ie: cut reps in half or do Abmat sit-ups) Also, the weight is extremely heavy so scale the cleans to a challenging weight but to where you are not missing reps. Don’t worry about Rx just have fun and be safe 🙂 Happy Friday!