CFEC wishes all of our members and their families a warm, wonderful Merry Christmas. We will be closed Christmas Day and will be back to regularly scheduled Classes Sunday.

" 12 Days of Christmas "

1 200m Run

2 Pistols

3 Toes to Bar    (Comp. Muscle Ups)

4 Box Jumps  30"/24"

5 Commando Pull Ups

6 DB Walking Lunges  35#/25#

7 Man on Fire Burpees

8 KB Swings  53#/35#  (Comp. 70#/53#)

9 KB Goblet Squats  53#/35#  (Comp. 70#/53#)

10 Decline Push Ups   16"/12"

11 Ring Dips


Post time.

Coaching Tips:  This workout is done just like the famous Christmas song, so if you have a hard time remembering what exercise to do next, just sing the song.  For example, you'll do 1 200m run; 2 pistols and 1 200m run; 3 toes to bar,2 pistols and 1 200m run…until you've completed all 12 days. Pistols are one legged squats. Commando pull ups are done with a baseball bat grip on the pull up bar and pull your head above the bar on one side of your hands.  Man on fire burpees are regular burpees only with a body roll thrown in. Decline push ups are push ups with elevated feet.