50 Double Unders 

25 Push Ups

25 Squats

3 times.

Rest 3 minutes.

15 Squat Cleans  95#/63#

20 Pull Ups

4 times.

Rest 3 minutes.

20 DB Overhead Walking Lunges  35#/25#

10 DB One Arm Clean and Jerk  Right 35#/25#

10 DB One Arm Clean and Jerk  Left

3 times.

Post time minus 6 minutes.

Coaching Tips:  Each of these workouts is meant to be completed as quickly as possible.  Rests while completing them should be kept to a minimum.  Utilize the prescribed 3 minute rests for complete recovery.  Pay attention to which of these workouts offered the most difficulty to complete.  This will be evidence of some weaknesses in your repertoire of exercises.

Holiday Schedule:  There will be no 5pm classes this Friday, Christmas Eve, or next Friday, New Year's Eve.  We will have one class New Year's Day at 9am.  It will be another Throwdown like we had Thanksgiving Day.  If you missed that one, be sure to make it New Year's Day, it is fun you will not want to miss!

Holding the KB's in the front rack position right after an all out sprint on the rower is never an easy task.  The tendency is to put the KB's on the back of the shoulders, but keeping them in the front rack position is where the challenge truely lies.  Expansion of oxygen deprived lungs is where all your mental focus is during this part of the workout.  Mental toughness is where the real growth is in this workout.